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Faculty Details

Mr. K Krishna Reddy


Hello friends! I am K Krishna Reddy, someone who is keenly interested in expediting the process of your success. I have graduated with honours from Loyola College, Chennai and obtained my Post Graduation degree in History from Jawarharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi in 1982. I founded the institute of Krishna Reddy's IAS Study Point which has worked incessantly for the progress of the students. With the intention of making the subject interesting and providing the students with systematically written study material, I have authored several books on History. Presently I am the director of Hyderabad IAS Study Circle. ALS has provided me a robust platform to teach History with ease and comfort. In the past 10 years of my association with this institution I have put in my best to make the subject student-friendly, dispelling all their apprehensions concerning the nature of this beautiful subject. I have always endeavoured to be your friend and will continue to do so in order to be accessible to all your queries and doubts. Feel free to converse with me and I promise to work diligently with you to make your dreams come true.

Mr. Arunesh singh


Hello friends! I am Arunesh Singh. Having graduated in Science, I went on to complete my post-graduation in Economics from Allahabad University. I have been a student of Economics since 1983, always exploring the complex world of development and human well-being. I have been teaching this fascinating subject since 1998. Before joining this profession, I worked as Managing Director of a finance and investment company. At ALS I will have you learn Economics. I love interacting with learners and am committed to your development in every possible way for you to become a great human being and the best human resource in the world. I love discipline and like experimenting with new methods of teaching. I invite you to get in touch with me for all your doubts and find your answers for all the questions you may have.

Mr. Arbind Kumar Singh


Hi friends! I am Arbind Kumar Singh, a post graduate in Mathematics and a highly energetic teacher specializing in Mathematics and Reasoning. Dedicated to providing the best education to aspirants of Civil Services and IIT-JEE for the past 18 years, I love developing shortcuts, tricks and techniques for solving questions in the quickest possible time. My mission is to inspire, inform and educate you, to motivate you daily, and to keep you reminded of the course, so that you can experience all that life has to offer. I have contributed innumerable innovations through classroom teaching and seminars at the national level. I was the Editor-in-Chief of Mathematics Plus Group, a monthly magazine for IIT-JEE and have written several books for Civil Services' aspirants and Engineering entrance. I am a stand for continuous innovation in the teaching-leaning process, and to the sound understanding of mathematical concepts, simply and clearly. I am fun loving and I enjoy every moment of life. I have mentored top rankers, both into bureaucracy and technocracy. I have written several books in Mathematics. I have been bestowed with the best teacher award. One of my latest books is on the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

Mr. Sachin Arora


Hi friends! I'm Sachin Arora. At ALS I do what I love most, making learning highly purposeful and enjoyable to my students. After graduating in Chemistry from St. Stephen's College I did my post-graduation in Geography at JNU for 2 semesters. I have been a Mariner by profession, holding the rank of Chief Officer. As a part of my vocation I've sailed nearly half the world. I love to explore new places and follow Indian theatre actively. At ALS you will find me in the classrooms teaching various subjects and honing your reading and writing skills or just playfully chiseling your personality in the interview sessions. I see myself as one of the men who lend that out-of-the-box thinking, which is so unique to ALS. You can count on me for your learning and development. To be in touch, mail me at sachinarora@alsias.net or call +91-9810565077. See you around!!

Mr. Ajay Srivastava


Hi folks!! I am Ajay Srivastava. At ALS I teach diverse subjects like Public Administration, Geography and Political Science. It's here that I will take you through a learning sojourn right from counselling to conducting sessions, refining your analytical and writing skills to grooming you for interviews besides sitting over your head to let you improve your scores. Generating perspectives is what I believe I can do best and make have you generate them too. Though I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and a specialisation in Governance and Public Management, I find myself under-graduating into new areas of learning. Besides interest in research and studies in policy and governance, I enjoy travelling and photography. If you dare find answers to your quest with me, I Invite you for the big game. Please get in touch through mail at ajaysrivastava@alsias.net or contact +91-9953173139.

Dr. Shashi Shekhar


Hi friends!! I am Dr. Shashi Shekhar, a PhD in Physics. For me teaching is a passion and learning, an endless journey… I am inspired by what Rabindra Nath Tagore once said − a teacher can never teach, unless he is learning himself… a lamp can never light another, unless it continues to burn its own flame… At ALS you will find me teaching Geography and General Science, primarily to the Hindi medium students. In the classroom, I always strive towards creating an environment that floods you with knowledge and gets you the feel of a topic too. Besides teaching at ALS I train science teachers for effective, lively and meaningful teaching. And I love to work for the cause of senior citizens. I am always available through mail at shashishekhar@alsias.net or on +91- 9910869818.

Mr. Sanjay Pandey


Hi friends!! I am Sanjay Pandey, a PhD in Life Sciences. Apart from this, it has been my constant endeavour to acquire knowledge in diverse disciplines. I've been teaching for the past 13 years with a passion to help my students extract the best out of themselves. ALS provides me with that unique opportunity!! At ALS you will find me teaching General Science, grooming your personality and helping you deal with all your problems in studies. Besides academics my interests include photography, travelling and meeting interesting people. I love interacting with promising youngsters chasing their dreams. I stand committed to improving personal and organisational performance. Feel free to mail me at sanjaypandey@alsias.net or contact at +91-9953761397.

Mr. Sharad Tripathi


Hi! I am Sharad Tripathi, an Electronics and Communication engineer. I was a TV Journalist at Aaj Tak before I arrived at ALS and found teaching a gratifying profession. Here I teach International Relations and Science & Technology, primarily to the Hindi medium students. Interview and Essay writing skill development are some other crucial areas that I work upon. I believe each one of you has a different approach to learning. As a teacher, identifying and adapting to it this, is my key concern, while helping you build your capacity to learn. Besides teaching at ALS, I occasionally anchor the DD Sports News at 9. I love writing poetry and short stories in my spare time. And before I forget, I am also a fulltime father!! I am available at sharadtripathi@alsias.net


ALS Satellite Education Pvt. Ltd. aims to impart new values and skills to those who have potential and are willing to face challenges of the new millennium as bureaucrats.

We want people who question, challenge and think creatively, and those who are prepared to take on new concepts and ideas.

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