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Student's Speak

Johny Tom Varghese :: Rank 8 (IAS 2013)

I joined ALS in 2010 to get myself in the best hands. I think while attending classes at ALS, the friendships I forged helped me understand my competition, how others prepare for the same exam you're preparing and for the kind of support one needs while in an unknown city.

Secondly, ALS is so organized with teaching that we managed to complete almost the entire syllabus. The GS course was well-organised and categorised for easy completion, retention and recall.

I believe I gained my foundation from this Institute and that helped me later.

Shubham Chaudhary :: Rank 11 (IAS 2013)

I think the important thing about ALS is that it always gives you more than promised, whether it is in terms of number of hours, or lectures, books, anything and everything.

I got unconditional support from ALS, which I really appreciate and am really thankful for. Other than that, I think one thing which is special about ALS is that the classes are so lively and entertaining and specially your classes, some of those little stories that you tell, they stick around in your mind and you tend to remember a lot of current affairs anyway and integrate it in the story, making it easy to recall.

This kind of support and cooperation is really an encouragement to do better. It was good to know that you can rely on your teachers for that kind of support.

Nitin Singhania :: Rank 51 (IAS 2012)

I joined ALS for various reasons. Firstly, the experienced teachers for each subject with undiluted focus of helping students to achieve their dream of clearing the civil services examination. Jojo Sir, Shashank 'Atom' Sir, and Manish Gautam Sir are masters in this field and their mentoring was more than helpful. Secondly, unhindered faculty-student interaction, comprehensive notes and test series were things I was provided with by joining ALS.

The Interview Preparation Programme conducted by Shashank Sir not only gave me right direction for UPSC Interview but also gave an inspiration for the life in general.

Deepak Jacob ::Rank 57 (IAS 2013)

I joined ALS and enrolled for General Studies. I owe my basics to ALS. Once you know what to study and what not to study, then you can improvise.

Even then, it is always good to have people who can evaluate your performance. At ALS, I found meticulous planning of time-table, accessible teachers, and punctuality in class rooms

Chandni Singh ::Rank 9 (IAS 2012)

I got enrolled in the GS Batch at ALS - my journey pretty much began from here. The faculty here guided me in just the right direction. Polity and geography were taught in a way I could remember and that was very encouraging. Instead of immediately resorting to notes, it was discussions that took precedence initially and that helped me in building a strong foundation. My interest in economics zoomed after attending Arunesh Sir's classes and helped me approach the subject in a methodical manner. The encouraging and good-humored atmosphere in classes helped a great deal in developing interest in the subjects. Another good feature is that the subjects at ALS are taken up one at a time. This helps in building a base in the subject and makes for a more consistent approach— be it Polity under Manish Sir or S&T under Jojo Sir. The regular tests also provided ample opportunities for self-evaluation which is a must for this one-year long exam.

Raghvendra Singh :: Rank 12 (IAS 2012)

I joined ALS for GS and Political Science Main Test Series Programmes. The GS Programme is excellent with an exhaustive coverage. The answer writing session after every test was very helpful because it gives an idea how to approach a 50-word or a 100-word question. It is very difficult to reduce 500 words to 50 words and it comes with regular answer writing practice only.

Political Science Main Test Series Programme was also good especially the question papers which touched upon many topics and helped in writing them in an apt and concise manner.

Rukmani Riar :: Rank 2 (IAS 2011)

I owe my success to the ALS team for guiding me throughout my journey. My dream is a reality today because of proficiency and expertise of the teachers at ALS and their immense faith in their students. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Jojo Mathew Sir, Manish Gautam Sir, Arunesh Sir, Arbind Sir and the entire faculty who helped me in realising my potentials. The dedication and commitment of the teachers at ALS and their ability to make the classes so interesting is a superlative effort which is unmatched. I am deeply indebted to them for giving me knowledge which has helped me shape my dreams and in making me capable of achieving them.

ALS conducts regular tests which are very helpful in generating confidence and in attempting the CSE exam with excellence.

The monthly magazine "Competition Wizard" is very useful for the CSE aspirants. Regular reading of Competition Wizard has helped me exceedingly in attempting the Main's General Studies papers and the Essay.

In all my experience with ALS has been enriching and memorable and I shall cherish my time spent here for all times to come.

My message to all the aspirants is that there is no short-cut to success and there is no substitute to hard work.

Dreams come true....have the courage and determination to pursue them.

Mukesh Pandey:: Rank 14 (IAS 2011)

I had a very positive and enriching experience at ALS, and I found its classes and faculty to be very helpful during my preparation. ALS played a very crucial role in my success, especially with regards to my GS preparation. It provided me with valuable guidance, motivation and quality study materials which greatly lessened the burden of preparing for this exam. Everything is so very well organized at ALS that one feels completely relaxed while attending the classes. It offers a pre-planned fixed routine and usually stays true to the original schedule. The learning environment and the various multimedia aids used to teach are outstanding. It is the best institute in terms of infrastructure.

Coupled with that, it has a legendary faculty led by the inimitable Jojo Mathew Sir. A star orator in every respect, he toys with his subjects and makes one aware of the nitty-gritty of the exam. His store of useful practical knowledge about this exam is amazing and he has the remarkable ability of making you laugh while you learn. He is a master of satire and witty repartee. His classes for the interview preparation are brilliant.

Manish Gautam Sir's lucid way of dealing with national & international issues and providing an in-depth analysis is peerless. He is a great motivator and is always eager to help. Arunesh Sir's expertise over economic issues is simply brilliant and KK Reddy Sir's rapid historical perspective in a nutshell works wonders.

The Competition Wizard magazine is a treasure trove of information and contains very well written articles on the current issues of importance. It is a must read for all aspirants. Its special issues before the Prelim and the Main are also very helpful. I had a wonderful and fruitful time at ALS and I would like to thank its faculty and management staff for their efficient and outstanding work! My sincere thanks and best wishes to ALS.

Ajay Katesaria :: Rank 28 (IAS 2011)

I am deeply indebted to ALS for the support and assistance which I got during my preparation.

The guidance and friendly support of Jojo Mathew Sir, Arunesh Singh Sir and Manish Gautam Sir was unparallel. It helped me greatly in my General Studies preparation. During the mock interview, the feedback of Shashank Atom Sir did miracle and helped me to manage a high score in my interview.

I express my gratitude to the entire faculty and hope they will continue with their noble endeavour to enlighten future IAS aspirants.

Pulkit Khare :: Rank 5 (IAS 2010)

"Apart from the theoretical inputs, I think ALS scores over others in providing extensive and regular answer-writing practice. The simulations at class build confidence and help to analyze mistakes and modify the approach in handling the questions dealing with varied topics in the exam.

Jojo Mathew Sir's focus on time bound answer-writing helps in dealing with the changing trend of questions in the GS paper. His "Backgrounder Classes" are unique and lay a firm foundation for a beginner for better understanding of emerging issues.

Arunesh Sir's approach helps in simplifying the economic jargons and bringing greater clarity in tackling different aspects of questions asked in this Exam.

ALS excels in:

  • Exhaustive coverage of National, International and Bilateral issues with finer analysis.
  • All this is aided by excellent learning environment using state-of-the-art multimedia & videos techniques, along with regularly updated hand-outs.
  • Schedule bound coverage of relevant topics in a planned manner.
  • Exhaustive coverage of National, International and Bilateral issues with finer analysis.
  • All this is aided by excellent learning environment using state-of-the-art multimedia & videos techniques, along with regularly updated hand-outs.

Ajay Prakash :: Rank 9 (IAS 2010)

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have secured the 9th Rank in the Civil Services Exam 2010.

I would like to dedicate my success to ALS, because it would not have been possible without the constant support and guidance that I received from the Institute. I am especially indebted to Jojo Mathew Sir and Manish Gautam Sir – both of whom were always there to help me, and provided me emotional as well as intellectual support to clear this exam.

I am also indebted to the excellent ALS faculty including Arunesh Sir, Reddy Sir, Panda Sir, S Shekhar Sir, S Sahoo Sir, A K Singh Sir and other staff members who worked tirelessly for my success.

Hope, ALS continues to churn out outstanding results in the future too. I wish all the best to ALS students for future Exams.

Hephsiba Rani Korlapati :: Rank 20 (IAS 2010)

I am grateful to the faculty and staff at ALS for the support I received throughout the preparation for CSE-2010. Classes at ALS gave me a sense of discipline and writing practice provided me tremendous confidence in writing Main examinations.

Time Management - is what I learnt at ALS. Apart from The Hindu, I depended only on the Wizard magazine for current affairs, both monthly and annual issues.

The Annual issue is perfect for final revision - and I read the 2010 issues for Prelim and Main word to word, from cover to cover.

The learning process at ALS is interactive, innovative and wholesome and contributes to success in a big way. Special thanks to Jojo Mathew Sir, Shashank Sir and everyone in the ALS team.

Anupama T V :: Rank 4 (IAS 2010)

'At ALS things go as per a plan' - this is something not so common nowadays.

Syllabus was thoroughly covered in time and adequate number of tests were conducted. Teachers were always available to everyone for feedbacks and clearing doubts. Moreover, the way they simplified things and motivated us gave me the feeling that 'I can make it', in the very first month of classes at ALS!

Saswati Dey :: Rank 7 (IAS 2010)

"The reputation of ALS in Civil Services Exam training had taken me there. As a member there, I felt a personal touch to the guidance process. An organized method of teaching, a professional approach and wonderful faculty along with the support staff, have made ALS a special institution."

Smita Sarangi :: Rank 15 (IAS 2008)

I did General Studies from ALS right from the scratch i.e. from PT till Interview. Three things I would like to highlight about ALS, which attracted me immensely The Personal Guidance I received from the Institute especially from Jojo Mathew Sir. I found Printed Course Material very precise, meticulously designed and extremely useful. The emphasis given on Time Management and Consistency in study helped me a lot.

A. Anto Alphonse :: Rank 42 (IAS 2008)

I did General Studies and Geography from ALS

  • The greatest contribution to my personality by ALS was that, I learnt to empathise with the poor. They don't just teach subjects, but teach life. Polity classes by Jojo Sir taught me to be pro-poor, pro-women and prodemocracy.
  • I developed the habit to prepare every word of my bio-data for the Interview, from Jojo Sir's class, which fetched me very good marks.
  • I owe greatly to the Mains Test Series Programme, which helped me improve my writing skills to complete the papers well in time, without compromising upon the quality of answers.

Aishwarya Singh :: Rank 27 (IAS 2008)

I did General Studies and Geography from ALS.

  • I received a qualitative guidance, which was highly interactive and focused, with due personal attention. I believe that, in this respect, ALS truly justified its name.
  • I am grateful for ever-approachable and helpful faculty, especially Jojo Sir. His strategy of handling each stage of the exam process was extremely useful.
  • The exhaustive coverage of current issues, regular answer writing practice coupled with an excellent teaching methodology played a major role in my success.

Viswanathan S :: Rank 34 (IAS 2008)

I did General Studies and Geography from ALS. ALS is a reliable and excellent institute for:

  • Its orientation towards the examination approach.
  • Its holistic guidance for entire course from the Preliminary till the Interview.
  • Constant motivation, Time bound commitment and right strategy helped me to accomplish the task.
  • Constructive Professionalism, personal guidance and complete dedication towards the students.

Roopa Roshan :: Rank 11 (IAS 2005-06)

I am grateful to ALS and I will give very specific reasons. The coverage of the syllabus was extensive and paid me like anything. Whatever was discussed in the classroom sessions along with the study material provided made all the difference.

While entering the exam hall, the kind of faith I had in my mentors that I could write all the questions. Everything clicked. And I emerged successful.

Dr Arushi Choudhary :: Rank 16 (IAS 2004-05)

Coaching Institutes, if wisely chosen, can play a very important role in shaping your life. But at the same time various coaching institutes are mushrooming and one should be extra cautious in choosing one. One should talk to a number of friends and seniors before choosing. And in my experience, I can say ALS is the best place to study GS and Geography.


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